Tuesday, August 10, 2010

notes scribbled on tuesday night in my journal with the intention to write a long-form piece later concerning the subject

Watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, we stopped midway through, about the part where Susan Sarandon is being seduced by Tim Curry -

Jacob and I started to have sex and I had been horny and trying to get him to have sex with me even before the movie started, didn't know how to approach it, our life so domestic these days,slightly sexless, going to bed by ten stoned, me having to wake up everyday at six for work - feeling more and more like a fifties married office drone, wondering where my life went, where it's going, how I can derail this runaway train -

The sex was amazing and passionate, the type of sex we had when we were first seeing each other - dirty and done on whatever piece of furniture we happened to be near.

Afterwards, after showering off shit and lube and semen, he asked me I wanted to rewind it to where we missed. I said no, that I liked never seeing the whole thing.

It's a movie that will always appear at some point in your life -

glimpses enough, that at one point all the pieces you've collected will add up to a whole.

VH1, Mary Miller, Jacob, and Netflix - so many times to walk in one part and gain another piece.

Star Wars, etc. - movies like that.

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