Thursday, August 12, 2010

cell signals, smoke signals

It was just after four o’clock and earlier while I had been on the treadmill I had been watching CNN reflected in the mirror in front of me and their BREAKING NEWS or TOP NEWS STORY or whatever they call it, but was watching, not hearing, the news that California had lifted its stay on the performing of gay marriages, or had set a date for it a week from now. I had been jogging intensely, working up a sweat, but I wanted to hear this story since it was the top of the hour, hear it recounted as a news item, rather than coming in on the middle of a conversation of talking heads saying what this does or does not mean, the filling of airtime with overheated rhetoric that passes for journalism on cable news. So I grabbed my headphones and wandered over to an elliptical machine to listen to the story on my headphones. I worked up more of a sweat, listened to the story for ten minutes, and then was going to take a break from all these cardio activities I had been doing.

It was at this point that I remembered I had left my iPhone on the treadmill I had been on a while ago, that I had completely forgot about it in my haste to make it to the actual news summation on CNN. In my excitement about gay marriage, I had left my iPhone behind. I went back to the treadmill and it was gone. I looked around other machines, on the floor, wondering where it had gone, wondering if someone really stole it in that short amount of time I had left it there. I started to eye the few other people in the gym at that time, before the afterwork rush, wondering who it was that had taken it. I went up to the desk and asked the man working behind it if anyone had turned in a phone. He seemed bothered by my question and was quite unhelpful with a terse No. He had other things to do and some little gay boy’s lost phone was not high on his list of concerns. I imagined it was probably a frequent thing he dealt with. Normally I never bring my phone into the gym, normally leave it in my locker so I don’t have to worry about it, but had just gotten a call from Jacob and wanted to return it.

I looked around some more for the phone. I asked the guy if I could use the front desk’s phone to call mine. He pointed toward a phone for me to use. No one picked up. As it rang and rang, I looked at the people on the machines near me, wondering who had my phone. I was quite stressed out and was ready to give up, knew that I would not be able to exercise any further and that all I would do was think about my lost phone, my negative bank account balance as of now, my inability to buy a phone now or even when I get paid on Friday, or even probably my next paycheck as that needs to go toward rent and a birthday present for my mom and various bills, including a phone bill for a phone I no longer even had.

I put all these concerns on hold. I told myself that I would go sit in the steamroom for a long time and come back to the front desk one more time on my way out, check again, and leave an email address or something for them to contact me if it was turned in.

Even after a couple of minutes sitting in the steamroom, I felt much better, had temporarily forgotten my concerns. Muscles relaxed, sweat dripped down my skin, and I would occasionally let my hand slide across my penis. Steam would fill up the place and it would slowly dissipate, drift off to who knows where, people would come, people would go, more long bursts of steam would again make visibility zero, and I remained through several of these cycles, not wanting to leave the gym without a phone, to deal with that. Everyone had left except two men. They were in a corner and I could hear the noise that dick makes when a sweaty, eager hand is jerking it off, could hear the occasional moan. I went and sat closer to the two and watched this older man suck off this younger man, often how these situations play themselves out.

They then moved themselves and sat next to me, turned on by whatever it was they perceived I offered and the younger one told the older one to suck my dick and he did, and the scene was insanely hot and fairly naughty even for the standards of the gym that I go to. We heard someone walking toward the door and covered up, towels placed over dicks, mouths taken off of them. This insanely sexy man came and sat next to me. He knew what had been happening. It was why he sat so close. He took off his towel to hint at this, his comfort with the things, and so I took his signal and took my dick out from under my towel, started to jerk off again. The sexy man did as well and now it was this group of four. The sexy guy told me he wanted to see me cum. There was a lot of talking for a gym steam room where someone outside the steam room might hear. Normally there is none, just silent jerking off hidden in the steam. This added level of risk that this sexy guy brought to it really turned me on. He had a large uncut penis with a beautiful upward curve to it, a slightly hairy chest, and beautiful brown eyes. The three of them were all encouraging me to cum, it clear that I was close. I did. Sexy Guy told me to rub the semen all over my dick, to jerk off with it. I did for a bit, just to see him more and his penis and his chest hair.

I showered off and thought about how I would phrase this lost phone on Facebook, how I would have to write Jacob an email when I got home to let him know I was phoneless, thought about how I would set an alarm for work tomorrow since I don’t have an alarm clock and always just use my phone, thought through all these things, and then went down to the front desk again, this time encountering a different man. I asked him. He asked me what the background image looked like and then told me to have a seat. He brought out my phone, had me time in my password to unlock it to prove it was mine and I was so happy, connected again, not having to be phoneless for a few weeks, not having to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new phone.

I walked to the grocery store after the gym and, though happy to have a phone in some respects, felt slightly sad to again be encumbered, was looking forward to telling my mom, my boyfriend, whoever reads Facebook, that I was unreachable, to be so. The streets looked particularly beautiful today. I have been making eye contact with passing strangers, thinking they are beautiful, having so many small but lovely moments with residents of this city, with passerby on these streets of New York.

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