Sunday, November 14, 2010

917 LOKO

I have two Four Lokos in my fridge awaiting Jacob to wake up. I thought we should consume them given the news going around today that New York has strong-armed beer distributors not to distribute caffeinated alcohol drinks in the Empire State any longer. Senator Chuck Schumer, blowhard like most of his colleagues, gave comments about a dead girl and said he wanted the stuff banned. I want hysterical media trend pieces banned. I want people that would deny adults things banned. I want stupidity banned. I want people that encourage prohibition banned. Alas, that's not how things work. How things work instead is that major media outlets rather than talking about one of millions of things that actually matter have decided that this is a problem for the nation's youth, these BRIGHT and COLORFUL cans of alcohol with caffeine in them, that people are getting fucked up for only three dollars. Such a thing cannot be allowed. It should be more economically prohibitive for people to get fucked up. We don't want poor people and young adults able to buy these things. Think of the children.

Well, because of a confluence of stupid media and stupid politicians, the offending drinks are now not allowed in several states. Children can go back to huffing paint and aerosol sprays. Parents can breath easier.

I want to smoke cigarettes, which I don't really do anymore, as I drink these. Hopefully Jacob has some on him and will give me one or two or three. In a few hours, I will again attempt to go see Bruce LaBruce's LA Zombie. Right now, I am listening to Prince's first album, For You, and watching this beautiful sky outside of my kitchen window.

Today is beautiful. The weather is hovering somewhere around sixty degrees, the trees are still showing off their fall colors, and everyone on the streets I walked today looked beautiful and happy, their beautifulness probably a direct result of them being happy and it showing. There was a joy on the street, everyone slightly aware that this is probably the last hurrah, that the weather probably won't be this warm again until March or so, maybe even April, that winter and its chilly temperatures lie ahead for us, and that this was a nice holiday in which we were allowed to wear a hoodie or a sweater, in which we did not have to wear a jacket.

I am about to embark on a project now that I am really excited about. The Prince concert is a month away and I'm going to work my way through all of his albums in chronological order, making a zine about my reactions to them, about my experiences with these thirty some albums. Or I am going to try to. I'm going to see what these writings turn out to be. I could have just posted them here as normal blog entries, but I want to try something different, mix it up a bit, see what the results are if I think I am writing for paper and not computer screens. The travel guide is again being put on hold because you have to do what interests you, go where the steam is. And Prince is certainly where it is right now for me.

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