Sunday, November 7, 2010

liquids consumed, bodily and otherwise

I was at Public Assembly. The party was Ohio-themed, and I went there with Erica, who is from Ohio and was really excited about the party. I wasn't sure what the Ohio theme necessarily was about. There were a lot of straight people drinking PBR and whiskey. I danced a lot to some interesting music that I don't always hear played at dance parties. There was a string of Afropop/jam songs that I was trying to connect to the state of Ohio, tried doing this for a bit, but it was distracting me from the movement, from the things I wanted to do with my body to this song, that my mind was too much at work here at the expense of my body and at the expense of a physical communion with the music. The thoughts were a hindrance, a roadblock to that. Another shot of whiskey please.

Everyone was about to go out to smoke and I was going to join them, but James Brown came on over the speakers, "I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing," and I stopped following the smokers and ran back to the dancefloor by myself and twirled around and danced like a crazy person because I love James Brown and I love this song and it was not the typical selection you might have expected if someone were going to choose a James Brown song to throw into their DJ set. Its newness in a dance setting was what made the encounter all the more thrilling.

I then did go join up with the smokers, quite drunk and wanting a cigarette, wanting twenty of them, one after the next, my non-smoking falling by the wayside to the whims and desires of a drunk Charlie. I headed back inside and stood in the line to pee. I ended up in line behind a certain celebrity that I think is insanely sexy and have a big crush on. I don't want to say his name in this age of Google, where it will appear in a Google Alert or search for him. Looking at the stats of this webpage, it is really odd to see how people end up on this page by searching this or that name or this or that random collection of words, and so we'll try to avoid that by saying that he is the star of Entourage.

I ended up behind him waiting to use the urinal. My mind was going crazy, kind of unable to believe that this sexy man was peeing a mere five feet away from me, that his dick was out near me pissing into a urinal that I would be pissing into. Maybe you know me well or have encountered me drunk and horny, and so maybe you know that I have a thing for piss, or used to a lot more than I do now, but it really came back to the surface last night while I was waiting to use this urinal. I was so incredibly aroused and excited, thrilled. He left without flushing. I checked to make sure no one else was in that part of the bathroom before I dipped my fingers into his piss. Someone else at this moment came into the bathroom and I quickly pulled my fingers back up before they noticed. I wanted to lick my fingers, was going to. The guy was busying himself at the sink while waiting for the urinal, his back to me. I licked the fingers quickly, one by one, wishing I could do more than catch these couple of drops of pee off my fingers, wanted to bury my face in the urinal. But that was not an option, at a straight party, probably not even an option at a gay party. I pissed myself, my pee joining this sexy man's. I flushed the toilet, sending our pee together twirling down pipes, dancing through this city's sewage.

I got bored, was horny now at this point, and my options for finding an outlet for this horniness were limited there. When Adam asked if I wanted to go to Metro, I eagerly said yes, and him, Kevin, and I walked there together. Once there, I drank more, things becoming more and more blurred. I think I asked a couple of people to have sex with me. I did say no to one person who was really creepy and told me to come home with him. He asked too early, soon after I got there. Had I encountered him a bit later, my answer might have been different.

I came home and made some potstickers, starving, those the only thing in my fridge. I went to sleep soon after, thinking about sex but not masturbating, drunk and tired, wanting seemingly competing things, sleep winning the competition easily.

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