Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine"

The good news: Maxwell is playing on this D'Angelo station I've decided to listen to on Pandora this evening. Also good news is that really, given an Internet connection, I could be listening to this beautiful music at any time. A question to myself that will go unanswered for now: Why, oh why, did I ever stop listening to this type of music?

Other good news is that despite the lack of mixers in our house and the excess of hard alcohol, I was able to craft myself this really lovely cocktail that I am sipping right now of peach iced tea and whiskey. My new drink, I think.

And really the best news of today may be that my bank account for the first time in nearly two weeks is finally out of the red. There was a debacle with my rent check, in that I sent the whole amount of our rent plus half the month's rent that Jacob paid for, rather than sending just a check of my part of the half month's rent. The landlord went ahead and deposited this excess of money anyways and this sent my bank account into severe negative territory. I got hit with quite a few overdraft fees for really small transactions that occurred around the same time as the Great Rent Check Debacle of 2011 and that sent it further into the red.

Erykah Badu is now playing. Oh shit.

But there was a paycheck deposited into my account on Friday that brought me so, so close to the positive territory and today I sent a text to the dude on 96th Street I sometimes see, told him I was horny, that we should meet up soon. He took the bait and told me to come by after work. I pissed in his mouth, got a blowjob, and left with some cash. I deposited a little into the ATM machine and left the rest in my wallet to get me through this week, another week of being frugal and not buying all of these things I want to purchase, mainly theater tickets to about ten different shows that I am dying to see before everyone in the world sees them so I can participate in this cultural conversation that occurs around the openings of plays and dies out a month or two into their run. Not a real problem, I know, but if one more person tells me how awesome "Book of Mormon" is without my having seen it, I am going to get real upset. I am dying to see this musical. Friday, payday, I am buying tickets.

Things are good. I am becoming more and more happy with my life. I mean there are certainly many things that I would like to see change, things I would wish to be different about my life, but I am not focusing on those, am instead just taking it day by day, trying to, enjoying the many lovely things I do have, this great relationship, this cute home, this beautiful city, and even my job. I need to write and send out my resume this weekend, and I will. I am going out tonight because I don't have to work tomorrow. I am going to dance and probably get a little messy and am going to live my motherfucking life like I am going to die one day and have some fun.

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