Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Spit on Your Corpse

I was at Erica's birthday party last night, drinking punch that was supposed to resemble the blood of Christ and which was made from Four Loko, vodka, various fruit juices, and, later in the night, gin and rum as well. There were Nilla wafers that were supposed to be the body of Christ. At some point Erica was wearing a veil in her First Communion themed party, though I don't think that was on for very long. There were several people at this party who asked me if I was still at my job. The question bummed me out the first time. It bummed me out even more to have it asked in succession by the next couple people I ran into. At some point, the party migrated to Tandem. I drank had another drink, danced to some music in their laser and smoke filled back room. Jacob and I soon walked home, stopping at Wreck Room on the way home for those fried rice balls they sell there. We walked home down this cobble stone street that I love and that has this old building at the end of it that I find insanely beautiful.

I did not much today except look up stuff concerning this trip to Europe I will be making this summer and watching a bad seventies movie with an awesome soundtrack, lots of horns.

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