Thursday, April 7, 2011

quick pick

I had a conversation with two of my co-workers today about the lottery. I dream about winning it a lot, perhaps more than I really should, but it's a nice, fairly harmless fantasy. I have two dollars and some odd cents in my bank account right now. This is because a few days ago I purchased plane tickets for this European adventure I have planned for this summer. I get paid tomorrow, but I have a feeling that that paycheck will very soon be depleted and I will be going through another week paying for stuff in change and cooking the pasta that has been in the back of my cupboard for months. I owe Jacob some money. The two of us have months worth of utility bills to pay off and perhaps, more importantly, than most of these things is that we need to purchase some weed. We haven't had any in a couple of weeks because we have been broke and trying to be frugal, but this really cannot go on for three months. Weed has become a necessity for my mental sanity. It makes me so much happier and so I cannot wait for tomorrow to arrive, for my bank account to again have some money in it.

This is why I dream about winning the lotto, why last night I gathered up enough change from our change jar to walk down to the bodega and purchase a PowerBall ticket. This is why when I woke up this morning, I checked it before I went to work, daydreaming about that phone call I would hopefully be able to make after checking the numbers, saying something along the lines of: "Peace out motherfuckers! I quit!" I would say this and then figure out how to go claim my millions. Instead not one of my numbers matched. And so I took some comfort this evening when my co-workers started talking about the lotto and how we would really love to win a job-quitting sum of money. They all purchase tickets regularly, one of them had about twenty tickets that he checked at the time, which really made me quite happy. I love seeing people engage in vice, especially young people, but this is also the same person that goes and bets on horse races so it wasn't entirely surprising.

The weather is finally getting nicer. I think that winter might actually come to an end sometime soon. There is still some light in the sky right now and it is almost eight and that is a beautiful thing.

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