Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bodies in Bodies of Water

After work today, I rode the train out to Jacob Riis beach. I set down my towel and bag and ran to the ocean, made my way into its water, dove under. I dove under again and again, my body cutting through water, some things submerged, other things merging. Drying off, soaking up sun, a boy came to talk to me, a Russian in a G-string. We flirted some. He told me I was sexy. I told him he was. We went swimming together. I watched him walk ahead of me, his ass covered in sand. In the water, we took off our swimsuits and rubbed against each other, boners forming. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he rubbed his dick near my asshole. I loved the feeling of a large man, of someone bigger than me, of me being able to wrap my legs around him and for him to support me on his waist. Being tall, this doesn't happen often, but this guy was just as tall and more muscular, and so for a moment I got to play this role I often don't get to. I was about to cum. He told me not to. He told me he knew of a place. Where, I said. He said it was nearby, an abandoned building we could go in. I said that I couldn't, not really wanting to leave the ocean, and definitely not wanting to trek to some abandoned building with a stranger. I got what I wanted anyways - a bit of flirting, a bit of touching, a bit of nudity. I told him that I'd see him later since he was shivering and wanted to get out of the cold water. I continued to swim. I dove under and under, merging this human body with with that body of water, washing away things, namely a world on the shore.

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