Monday, August 1, 2011


I was on the Christopher Street piers catching some sun and chatting with Diego and two other boys I just met on the pier. We were talking about television a lot, an easy thing to talk about with people you don't know too well I guess. I laid on my back, not really looking for all this chit-chat, and watched the huge clouds slowly pass over me. There were explosions of clouds today, white plumes exploding out of white plums, a veritable fireworks show above my head. I also wanted to be in the ocean but had slept in too late today to make the long trip out to the beach seem worthwhile given the predictions I had been hearing of afternoon thunderstorms.

Hunger and boredom took me away from the pier. It was a toss-up between Spotted Pig and The Future. I had about ten minutes until the showtime at IFC Center and so I rushed over there, grabbed some popcorn instead of the burger I really wanted, and sat for the new Miranda July film. It's a lot darker than what I was expecting, but still beautiful, though there were a few moments that were nearly laughable in their bleakness. I think had I watched this film out of the confines of an indie theater where people take film seriously, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much. The term blee popped in my head, a twee aesthetic at work but turned on its head and bleakness reigning, the same specific type of preciousness present though that twee works tend to have.

I left the theater feeling worse than when I entered it, which is not a complaint, a compliment actually to the work. I wanted to cuddle with Jacob and I also didn't. I hurried home to catch the evening news, ordered a burrito, and got so stoned that I enjoyed watching The A-List, but can we talk about the token black diva tacked on to this show about white gay men and how awkward/problematic it is? Um, or maybe we shouldn't talk about that.

I dream of the beach and I cannot wait to dive in to the ocean. I have my beach bag packed and hopefully I can go there from work tomorrow, swim and lose myself in water.

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