Monday, May 7, 2012


My body is not getting younger and I become acutely aware of this each time I drink heavily these days, feeling its aftereffects in a way that I never used to. Hangovers become an all day, if not a two day, affair. I just want to sleep and am fairly useless for much else. That is what today has been.

It started at brunch. Jacob and I ate in the backyard of Santos Anne, a really cute Mexican/French place in Williamsburg with a beautiful and green backyard. We had a cocktail there and then wandered around Williamsburg, through McCarren Park, down Bedford, down to the waterfront, through the stalls of Brooklyn Flea, and then met up with Erica and some friends of hers. We first went to Matchless, which was rather awful, and then went to Spuyten Devil, which was much more pleasant. From there, we went to Night of Joy where they had really yummy cocktails and I drank way too many of them while sitting on this nice roof and then playing pool downstairs. From there, we went to Burnside and ate burgers and cheese curds and drank more.

We all came back to my house and watched Evil Dead and I fell asleep in the first ten minutes. I woke up this morning in pain, my body feeling drained of every life force. I drank cup after cup of water trying to restore it. I laid on my couch, spent too long (as I often do) looking again and again at Facebook and Gawker. I tried reading Middlemarch but after about two paragraphs of gorgeous prose fell asleep.

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