Sunday, August 25, 2013


When the show ended, he came offstage and walked past me. He said something along the lines of "Sexy." My memory is hazy of what exactly he said because I spent the better part of the day drinking yesterday. It started off with a cute brunch in the garden of Mominette, catching up with Erica who is in town for a few days. And because whenever I hang out with her, there is no voice of moderation, we had round after round of mimosas at brunch. Julia joined us and we sat there for a couple of hours drinking and talking. We then went over to Troutman Street to see this rumored secret Jay-Z show that was happening. It was not happening. We drank Joozes on the street. I bought a pirate lighter for five dollars from some man selling them. We ate tacos at the Tortilla Factory and drank beers. Andy joined us. We went back to Erica's, drank more, and then went off in various directions, Andy and I heading to the Hunx show at Death by Audio.

I drank more beers there. Though I was pretty far gone during this show, I do remember being against the stage and pressing my face into Hunx's crotch. After the show, when he walked past me uttering some compliment, I began to chat with him. He told me some other compliments. I told him some. I asked him to make out with me. I gave him a giant hug. I told him about how I saw him play a show ten years ago and kissed him then. I probably seemed batshit crazy. I might have been.

Andy and I walked to Metropolitan and I gushed the entire way there about my brief interaction with Hunx and how sexy I think he is. I only stayed at Metro for a short while, drank half a beer before leaving to go home, drinking all day having taken its toll on my body, on my mind.

My knees hurt so much from that show last night. The stage is just a little more than knee high at Death by Audio and so I kept on getting pressed against the stage by the excited Hunx fans, kept on collapsing over the stage, my knees banging against this stage for the whole show.

I want to find a stream of the VMAs to watch online and order a burrito and talk about life with you.

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