Tuesday, January 21, 2014

snow accumulation vs. your dick size

I would really miss this if I were to ever move to LA as I sometimes dream about doing. Today, that was very clear. I was walking down white streets home from the grocery store, temperatures well below freezing, snow falling. This same land that is now covered in snow, cold, and quieted for a brief moment is the same land that come summertime will be full of barely dressed people riding bikes down streets, full of people sitting on stoops fanning themselves, full of the competing sounds of Escalade soundsystems, car alarms, and Mister Softee trucks. This place, this city, contains all of that. It contains everything. We have these brutal, beautiful winters with a couple of these moments a year in which snow throws down a timeout card on the scene. Roads mostly empty of cars, visibility shortened to just several yards. These moments are caresses from your mom, calming strokes, quieting you, telling you: Don't cry, don't cry. See. Shh. It's okay.

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