Thursday, May 8, 2003

a thing that occurred last night that warmed my heart

After work, getting off at my subway stop, the Smith and 9th, I stopped at the bodega right by the station for a snack, for something yummy to put in my hungry tummy. Looking around the place like you tend to do when you are hungry, and thinking of how good just about any of the things would be. The cake, the box of donuts, the beef jerky. Hell, why choose one? You're hungry, you want them all. But you are a little more rational than that and wander around the store with your slice of carrot cake, which you definitly are getting no matter what. You need the carrot cake.

And so, I wandered around with this carrot cake and heard a woman ask for tuna fish. That is it! Tuna fish! That is what I need more than anything right now. So, I picked up a loaf of bread and asked for two cans of tuna fish, and had the guy ring me up. He said somthing along the lines of:

Uh-oh. An unlucky number. Your total is going to be six-six-six.

And I looked in my wallet and from eyeing it, it looked like I did not have enough cash for these purchases, and I said so, also starting off with an "Uh-oh," and then continuing on to say, "I don't think I have enough cash, I might have to take off the carrot cake."

And in New York, where people tell me it's a rough place, this guy said, "It's okay, just pay me tomorrow."

Just pay me tomorrow! A guy that I had never seen before in a bodega I had only been in once before told me I could just pay him tomorrow. People, I live in Mayberry. My heart was so warmed by this unexpected kindness, and I counted the stuff in my wallet to see how much I did have, and it turned out that I was only a penny short, avoided Satan's number and paid $6.65. I walked home in the drizzle absolutely glowing, thinking of how nice just about everyone I have encountered in this town has been. Everyone is all smiles. There is this light that's being shared by people here. Some people just beam with it, and by doing so, shine a glow on others who then start to emit this light also. I'm not really sure about the source of this light, but man, when it glows it glows. It's like SARS, it can't be stopped.

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