Tuesday, May 6, 2003

"time! time! time! it's on my side! (yes it is!)"

I love this city. Today, it's been treating me too good. Danced my way through Strand interview, and start working there tomorrow at 2. Paid Jeff to sublet his huge room in Williamsburg for a month and a half, for about half of what he pays for it. Pick up the keys on Saturday. And on Thursday, I am meeting with a guy about doing some freelance queer related research and writing for him. Hopefully, he's not a jackass. Even if so, I've got a job and a place to live. I'm going to see Al Sharpton tonight, and then I am going to get wasted. It's cold and wet here, but that can't stop me, bring the fucking raining frogs, bring it all, you cannot stop me and the Stones.

I turned on Cassidy's stereo and here are these lads from England, right here in this Brooklyn loft rocking, rocking, and rocking some more, and I am right here with them, rocking and rolling.

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