Sunday, May 4, 2003

"why take three trains out to brooklyn when you can have sex in the club?"

Last night, dancing at Opaline with a weird crowd, but the crowd's shortcomings were negated by the music. Any place that plays Tom Petty and The Cure is all right by me. There were some silly burlesque shows, some guys really eager to get on stage and show their cocks, and some dorky people. Niki wanted to leave, but not before dancing in this silly underwear room, so danced in underwear for a bit, and when she put her skirt back on, she realized she lost her ID and metrocard, so she searched through piles of clothes unsucessfully and seemed resigned to the fact that this was a sign her life was in the pits.

I still have yet to make out with a boy in this place. Soon though. That, getting laid, is one of three big priorities circling and swirling around me right now. They are, in order, of the happiness they would provide me with:

1.Getting laid
2. Getting a fun job that pays a decent sum of money
3. Getting an apartment with decent roommates

Number One: Still have yet to hit any gay bars. Last night, waiting for the F train, tired, drunk and slightly stoned, I was sitting on the bench waiting forever, sitting between a white lesbian couple to my right and a black lesbian couple to my left. And further down the platform, two guys were making out, smiling ear to ear in between kisses. And that was the loneliest I have felt here, surrounded by people with people, happy so.

Number Two: Tomorrow, I hear from Perelandra, an organic grocery store in downtown Brooklyn about whether or not I will be working there for a whopping eight dollars an hour. Before that though, I am going to go apply at a Bake Shop, a pizza place, and to work as a sushi person. I never heard back from Squeeze to come back and work more. I may call them. I applied at the Strand bookstore yesterday with Jamie. Wednesday night, I may go apply for a job that I do not have the body for, but seems like too funny a job to apply for to not do so. And all of these are temporary, until the perfect job comes my way.

Number Three: Looked at a room in East Williamsburg yesterday that I liked everything about except for the roommates, hear from them tomorrow. Today, looked at a room somewhere in Brooklyn that I liked nothing about except for the roommate, that I could move into if I wanted, that I may move into if I don't hear back from the other people.

And other things not really of note but which I will note anyways:

I am eating like shit. All I eat is fried food. The smell of fried food attracts me to hot dog vendors, pulls me into pizza places, into Chinese places and I love it more that I should - I know it is not healthy to eat a thing of donuts, a Chunky candy bar, a big sausauge smothered in fried onions, a root beer float, and Chinese food, but I do it anyways. That in fact, was what I ate today. And I wish I could say that today's eating was an exception but it is in fact all too typical of how badly I have been eating. The constant availabilty of foods that I would normally only come across on rare occasions, trips to the fair, to the boardwalk, to the city - and I need to somehow restrain myself and eat these foods only that often now, even though it so easy to eat them all the time now.

I have found lots of fun things to do that involve free drinks. This makes me excited. And Saturday is Homocorps, with Houston [Some last name], the horny gay rapper who provided the title of this entry, and who, both Niki and I are going to try to make out with, and probably fail miserablely at. And can someone please tell me why I am hungry right now? And why all I want is a Snickers?

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