Monday, June 30, 2003

The things I saw last night, oh boy, the things I saw. Two words: Hot shit! At the parade, some ACT-UP people had groovy signs that said, "Fuck Bush! Wear a condom!" "Fight back, fuck hard." I booed the Log Cabin people, chanted Howard Dean at the Kerry people, and screamed like a maniac for the Dean contigent. Yelling is so fun sometimes.

I lied on the Chelsea piers with a nice young lad and lady, watched the sunset, and then watched mass panic as people, thousands, fucking thousands of people ran off the other pier like a swarm of ants because one person started to run after a firecracker went off, and then some others did, and soon a bout of collective hysteria hit the whole pier and I saw thousands of people fleeing for their lives, a mass of people, the closest symbol I have yet to witness for how all of human life is just this mass of interdependent energy.

Then, I went to The Hole, where it was an open bar until eleven in an event called "XXX". I thought it was just a silly name to get people to come, but oh no, this shit was XXX, the type of shit you heard was typical of gay life in those pre-AIDS days. There was a show with naked dancers encouraging people from the bar to suck their cocks, which I might have done. There was a stage where various sex shows were occurying, the real fucking thing. There was a basement, where maybe I went with a hot couple and engaged in sex, where many other people were having sex or jacking off. It was really surreal being on a dancefloor dancing to David Bowie around various naked people, some of them sucking each other off, and for that reason so fucking fun. I saw a man get pissed on. Maybe I engaged in oral sex with a couple other people. And, I had joked about wanting to be a slut a couple weeks ago. But, I think it was no joke. Holding two erect cocks in my hands, one in each, was a feeling that I loved, something that felt right, innate. It made me happy, and you know, what's wrong with that? Last week, the NY Times ran a huge headline across the front page, announcing that the Supreme Court legalized gay sexual conduct. Throughout the parade yesterday, countless people held up the paper victourously, and the thought of what that court decision means made me so happy, that that stupid bullshit case was reversed. And I thought about that last night while I was drunk and in that dark basement surrounded by a huge packed roomful of naked and erect young men, and it made me smile with joy.

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