Thursday, May 6, 2004

Two or three things:

First, Cafe Bustelo, you know, that cheap Spanish coffee that is usually all they carry in bodegas besides really gross instant Foldgers - yes, Cafe Bustelo, the espresso coffee in the bright yellow can - it is fucking cocaine! I am a coffee addict and it takes a lot for me to get a buzz like this, but a big cup of Cafe Bustelo (which is a little gross, btw) and I am wired and ready to go. Before this entry I was dancing around to loud Peruvian music.

Second, since 17 or so, I have always been secretly envious of boys that are able to grow full beards. In high school, I remember a couple of boys with big, thick beards and thinking they were so cool. I have sideburn hair, hair on my chin, and hair where I could grow a mustache - but I am missing the hair that could connect all these different areas into a beard. I haven't shaved in two days because I haven't gone to work and wanted to see where hair would grow, and I look really silly. It's something I am not used to seeing and I am constantly tempted to shave, but then I say no, don't do it until you have to go work on Saturday - this is an exercise in becoming more comfortable with your body. We'll see if I even make it through the rest of the afternoon.

Thirdly, tomorrow there is a Cindy Sherman and an Andreas Gursky opening. I am tres excited. Turn up that Peruvian music!

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