Tuesday, May 25, 2004

God, so I just got home from Metropolitian where I ran into Matt and Kevin. I just checked my e-mail, which told me I had a new Friendster message from Matt, and you don't know with what fear and excitement I logged into Friendster waiting to see what Matt would say. Would he say something kind? I was absolutely giddy thinking about the possibilities.

It was a totally different Matt, someone I don't even know. Joe and I were at the bar for a while inside, talking to Joe's neighbor, when Matt and Kevin came inside from the patio and waved hello to me and talked to Joe's neighbor, who they also appearantly know. Totally uncomfortable, I ran away after waving hello, ran to the bar under the pretense of getting Joe and I more beers, but really just trying to avoid an interaction with Matt, even though he was the one to wave a friendly hello (what about no contact, especially in public, dickhead?).

Yes, and then Peter and Nicole finally got there, shortly after Matt and Kevin had left, and my night was pretty much shot because I had one thing on my mind and I could not be as carefree as you are supposed to be in bar settings, could only think and try to pretend that I wasn't thinking about that person. I wasn't so successful. How long ago was this? Why does this still bother me? On Wednesday, I am leaving.

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