Friday, June 4, 2004

Loved ones, I would not be using the term "loved ones" a mere twenty mintues ago. However, I have just drank half a glass of straight whiskey and am working on the bottom half, the half full, part of the glass.

I just got home a short while ago from my roadtrip with Bonnie which was really fun and which I am going to write about tomorrow after a night of rest, but there was trouble with AirTrain at JFK, where I almost did not have the $7 neccesary to get home when I thought I only need $2. Then when I tried to switch to the L from the A, already with a pounding headache, I hauled my stuff up a broken elevator to the L, only to find out that that part of the L wasn't running and I had to take a shuttle bus. I found the person passing out transfers, hauled my shit down the street to where the transfer bus was, and got on the bus with a screaming baby. I was ready to die. My head was throbbing and I really wanting to kill this wailing baby. I made it home, poured myself the whiskey and now am so happy. Totally broke, sunburt, physically drained, but so so happy, and tomorrow I will tell you why.

Perhaps maybe even in person. Since there is that aforementioned brokeness, I think I may to go galleries tomorrow and down free wine. Anyone that wants to meet up should let me know. I am full of love at this moment right now. Jillian's brother is asleep fifteen feet away, and so I feel like I should not be out here typing loudly on the computer. Tomorrow, tomorrow. You make me promises, promises...

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