Sunday, June 27, 2004

I am going to write more later, sooner, sometime, you know...

Right now, I am sitting at my computer way too drunk to even attempt to try to relate anything, but now no one is home, and the time seems perfect, aside of course from the drunkenness. This was perhaps the most lovely four days ever. Thursday: lots of galleries, rooftop sunset party, drinking at Metropolitan, I made out with Christopher after refusing to go home with him.

Friday: Peter’s birthday celebrated at the Turkey’s Nest. Yesterday: The Mermaid Parade at Coney Island which was amazing, followed by an evening concert at Prospect Park, which was a tribute to Neil Young and which Cat Power and Iron and Wine played at, amongst many others. It was under the stars, I saw lightening bugs, and basically it was totally amazing. Today: Brunch date with Christopher, Gay Pride Parade: Thousands of homos in the street, totally beautiful. Team Booty Shorts rocked that shit. Shirtless, numerous brown bagged beers, listening to the Isotoners, talking shit, trying to start fights with dykes at the piers, soon leaving for Metropolitan in Niki’s convertible, dancing in the back, parallel parking that shit drunk, and having a blast. My favorite things in this world: drinking in the street, dancing in the street, showing my pubic hair.

And if I wasn’t so drunk and tired, I would try to describe these events much better, so much so, that you would be envious, but alas, I am drunk. Maybe I will post some pictures, maybe I will try again later and try to somehow let you know how incredibly amazing this weekend had been. Tomorrow, I have to go back to work, and after this weekend and the amazing events that have happened, that is going to be way more difficult than you could ever even begin to imagine.

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