Sunday, June 6, 2004

I almost had a new job being the listings editor for some gay website. However, Rich, the person dangling this carrot, yanked it away, saying that he was going to give the current listings editor another chance but wished me good luck and would call me if things did not work out with the guy after all. That is news. Also in the news department, I got totally drunk at Ben's prom party and as I tend to do when totally drunk, had one thing on my mind, and that was not puppy dogs. I initiated making out in the bathroom with Joe, soon had my cock in his mouth, maybe had his in mine, and yes, this is my co-worker and friend. And yes, I was pretty out of control later in the kitchen also. And no, things were not at all weird today at work.

I sat down on the floor of the Strand today, hungover and tired, sat there and felt effortlessly good. I read some Whitman which I have not been in the right mindset to do in a while, and it felt really good and I knew, and know now, that things are starting to change. My horoscopes have been saying so, the fortune-teller said so, and I am on the verge of something. I felt it in the air when I was sitting there. Normally when I am sitting on the floor of a dusty aisle, I am usually a zombie staring into space, praying for the day to end. But I was hyper-sensate, happy sitting there, lost in thought. And sure, it might have just been because I was hungover.

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