Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Today, I didn't go to work because I was already running really late and would have been written up anyways, so not really feeling like going, I called in sick. The day was spent cleaning my room, drinking iced coffee, and napping in the lovely afternoon heat of this ninety five degree day. But, but, but there is hopeful news on the job front. So I emailed my resume and cover letter to the Princeton Review math woman, who Peter referred me to, and she wrote back saying she was going to be out of town until Tuesday but would be in touch next week. Hopefully, my complete lack of math skills will not become known and hopefully I can get this job that would pay as much in two days as I make working five at the Strand.

But there was some easy math calculation that Bonnie and I could not do on our roadtrip. I don't even remember what it was that we were trying to figure out. I do, however, remember wrinkled foreheads as we tried unsuccessfully to calculate whatever it was. I really am not sure why I am thinking of applying for this job, why I did apply for this job, since I did not take any math courses at all in college, and even in high school, I remember struggling through regular math courses. God, I really do not know any math and so applying for a job that entails checking their review questions for accuracy seems more than a little funny, and even if I somehow manage to fool this woman about my math capabilities, I think that eight hours of day of having math questions presented to me might be more than a little stressful and like a nightmare job made real. But, twenty dollars an hour? I want this job. I need this job. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.

Niki is moving into my apartment tonight while she tries to find a place of her own to live in. Jillian's brother, Justin, is living in Jillian's room until he finds a place to live also. He makes me more than a little uncomfortable. He is a very straight, very Florida boy. He seems to be the type of boy that I thought townies to be. However, this is probably an unfair characterization since I have not really talked to him much since I generally do my best to stay closeted in my room while he is out in the living room. Jillian also spends her days in the apartment, playing around on the computer, this computer that I am now writing from and that I wanted to spend more time on today, but which she used for in excess of three hours to do nothing other than what appeared to be IM'ing people. I am not really used to sharing this living space with other people since before it was just Dara who was often out of the house and Min who came by once a month to drop off her rent. Now with Niki joining the mix, there will be no personal space whatsoever, and I am a little worried that I may become a complete jerk, totally irritable to everyone.

Tomorrow, I can get some money from the Strand and stop living off the bagels that I got out of the trash on Sunday night. I am really excited about that. I am also excited about this Saturday, because it will be my birthday, and I am not sure what I am doing yet, but you can bet it will involve getting trashed at some fag bar and dancing dancing dancing.

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