Saturday, August 28, 2004

Listen, I will not have that much time to update in these coming days, and that is a good thing. There is an incredible energy in this city right now that I love and that I want to spend as much time in as humanely possible. I felt sick this morning, slept until five, felt better, and went to an opening at Deitch that most have been at least two hundred degrees. I did not even really look at the art - I ran outside after about two short minutes inside. I then went to the Rev. Billy performance at St. Marks Church, which also must have been about two hundred degrees, with one little fan blowing around hot air in a corner far away from where I was seated. But I sat there, and sweated until my entire body was drenched. I watched with fascination the sweat beads start to form on the pores of my arms and legs. He eventually led the congregation out front to escape the heat. There was dancing and clapping and a sense of camredeire. It was amazing. Tomorrow is the big day with protests left and right. I am giddy. I keep talking to random activists. They are so friendly. I want them to stay in New York forever, to never leave, for this radical energy to be present all year round.

I am going to a party at Peter's now that will also probably be about two hundred degrees. But it will be fun, as everything is this week. I also noticed that the moon is just about full, and I think it so perfect that a full moon is coinciding with all this protest activity.

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