Tuesday, March 20, 2007

cluck cluck

Though I don't have a scanner and the picture is a bit blurry from trying to take a picture of it, this image, blurry as it is, still I think is enough to convey what it is my new job is. They have cut back my hours in half there since they axed the bunny and now I have to share my original hours with the person who was to be the bunny. The job is less fun in many ways than I thought it would be and fun in ways I had not predicted. I didn't know that the outfit would be so encompassing. I somehow imagined that in a cute chicken outfit I would somehow meet the love of my life at this store. It does not appear that that is to happen. Also the novelty of wearing this outfit wears off in two minutes, as soon as the hotness of the thing begins to become unbearable. There is a fan in the head, but that fan does nothing to mitigate the heat exhaustion when the sun is shining through the window that I am sitting in and kid after kid hops into my lap. I have also held dogs in my lap, teenage girls, and have given tight hugs to cute homosexuals. I smiled in this outfit ear to ear all day long even though no one could see this smiling. I couldn't help it. Some of these kids are so cute and that is the thing I forgot, how amazing children can be. But man, the head is also heavy and my neck hurts something awful right now. I am not sure if I am going to be able to stick this job out for the full six weeks. If it is still as painful after a couple more days, I will probably tell the temp agency I need a full-time job. I could say more and surely will but right now my neck hurts too much for this.

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