Thursday, March 15, 2007

There is good news to offset the bad news, seemingly proof that things will always somehow work out for me, that, since having quit my job, money and work opportunities somehow appear when I need them to. First the bad news: I did not get that editorial assistant position that I really wanted. I got a letter in the mail from them today, and even before opening it I knew, it having the same glow of rejection that letters from some colleges used to have. I knew they would have called me if I had gotten the job and so it was not terribly shocking to open it up and confirm my suspicisons that I did not get the job.

The good news: I have a job for the next six weeks, getting paid 18 dollars an hour(!) to be dressed as a Peep-like chick for the Easter season at M*rc J*cobs. Uh, yeah. It sounds totally bonkers and I am so excited like you would not (or, if you knew me well, probably would) believe. I start on Monday.

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