Wednesday, April 11, 2007

According to Stereogum, that Patrick Wolf article where they cited my Livejournal is only the second time The New York Times cited a Livejournal. That entertains me enormously. In the comments section on Stereogum, someone said this:

I don't know... there is only one comment on that entry and the journal itself doesn't seem that impressive... did the NYT create a sock? You would think that the NYT would try to reference a more reputable music blog/journal/etc before resorting to some random LJ user that finishes their post waxing poetic about the tail they got that night (because of the magical atmosphere Patrick created).

I love snarky comments and was anticipating more after The Times linked to my blog, but sadly this is the only instance of it I have yet to find. There is video of the second time the drummer got kicked off the stage up here, but sadly still no footage that I have seen of the big blowup earlier.

And speaking of tail, some is supposedly on its way to my house right now! Maybe I will try to wax poetic about it after the fact. I need to stop my insane pursuit of sex, but don't know how, don't know why I should other than that my recent sex obsession consumes much of my waking and sleeping thoughts, and prevents from doing things I tell myself I should be doing, like reading, writing, and looking for and applying to jobs. The weather should be warmer. On a few trees, there are already green buds. On some, even flowers. My body, despite the cold weather, knows the same things these trees do. That is what I am attributing this recent bout of sluttiness to.

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