Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am after something, trying to wash something out of me, and have a pretty steady stream of dates lined up for the next few days, nixed two potential ones for tonight to hang out with one boy I like a lot, and plus have other boys I should call and make plans with. I am not sure what I am doing. I know that I do sometimes get lonely and do want someone to spend time with and be physically affectionate with and this is how I am responding to that. I hung out with Diego tonight and soon found myself naked with him at this party. The two of us started a lot of naughtiness and had lots of fun. The best part was that after we came, he didn't have guilt, wasn't no longer into me, and instead kissed me a lot, telling me he liked me , and how much fun he was having. We were outside smoking a cigarette with an Ecuadorean and the two of them spoke in Spanish. I am going to crack open these Spanish books and learn this language. I really want to live in Latin America. The cash and my license were stolen from my wallet while I was pantsless, and yet that hardly bothered me; there were his lips to kiss, lovely lips. We were asked to dance at this New Year's party. He is so beautiful to look at, so pleasant to touch. The memories of these things will lullaby me to sleep.

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