Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yet another awkard morning this one, though at least it followed an amazing night. I have to leave for work in ten minutes, have to leave to go sit in a giant swan dressed up as a nutcracker and pose for pictures with people for ten hours, and so because of this approaching departure, because of my need to get dressed for this departure, there is the need to be briefer than I would like, the need to note to myself to revisit this subject in long form since it was weird and great.

That cute 20 year old from the suburbs who I had a tea date with a couple of days ago came into the city last night to hang out with me and was going to sleep over at my place. We ended up at Metropolitan, him drunk, drunk in the way that inexperienced drinkers can get, that young people can get, and his youngness became more and more apparent. There was another boy he was talking to, a sexy boy my age, a David, who I started talking to, and who told me he wanted to sleep with me. I told him that the 20 year old was already going to sleep over at my house. He said that was okay.

A threesome ensued at my apartment and the boy I had orignially liked became this boy that I had very little interest in, other than observational, looking at an inexperienced young person. This David boy had a big nose, brown hair, and am amazing body, a lovely dick. He was dirty and fantastic, and I really hope that I can see a lot more of this boy, but even if not, last night was a great experience.

David left early this morning to catch a flight. The 20 year old acted very awkward later this morning when we both woke and got dressed while I was making coffee, asked for directions to the subway, seemed eager to go, seemed perhaps a bit embarrassed about the night before, the sexual guilt of people still young, or perhaps confused about my feelings toward him after seeing me really into this David boy. I wasn't sure, was still too tired, too pre-coffee to pursue it as a line of conversation, to care much. I gave him directions to the subway and kissed him goodbye.

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