Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another beautiful day. The temperature in the upper seventies, the sky blue, and the grass green and soft in Sheep's Meadow. Last night, I lost my wallet while attempting to take a shit at the Web, it dropping out of my pants and me not noticing until several blocks away when I was looking for it to go into Townhouse. Today, I went to the bank and got out a bunch of cash to hold me over until I get a new debit card sent to me, and after the bank, stressed out about that and annoyed about other things, I went and laid in the park, read some of Philip Roth's Zuckerman Unbound and took breaks to just lie collapsed at the sun's mercy, taking in the comforting warmth, the pleasant feeling brought on by the sun's rays against my skin. In one of these periods, drunk on sunshine and a bit hazy, some guy splashed some water on me. I looked up and he told me he was putting out a fire, that I looked hot. I sat up and he sat down on my blanket and we chatted for a bit before I joined him and his friend on their blanket, Mark and Victoria. They were cute and also a bit weird, a little too something - too moneyed, too cool, too elitist, too full of themselves - I am not sure exactly, but they were still fun to hang out with and pulled me out of the circle of thoughts I had been trapped in. They rolled an absurdly fat joint and the three of us got way stoned. We read to each other from our journals, Victoria and I, and I listened to them talk and then could I handle it no more, was way too stoned to be with people that I barely knew and I began to feel a bit awkward. I escaped, claiming I had been out in the sun too long, and wobbled out of the park, being as stoned as I have been in a really long time, the type of stoned I was in Amsterdam. I rode the train home with the evening rush commuters, feeling slightly crazy, walked home through a crowded park of kids, and then basically passed out for a couple of hours in my bed. And now, again, I head out the door, this time bound for Julius', for more gays, and more flirtatious interactions, and more substances inducing altered mental states, and more of this living.

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