Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The hotel has again delayed the opening, having failed to get a necessary permit to open, and so the new soft opening date is December 21. We had already been told that we were going to be working little until the hotel opened, the hotel having already blown through shit tons of money on having us all come in for the past two months, doing light work, thinking that the hotel would have opened way earlier. And so we were told yesterday that we weren't going to be working for the next two weeks. The news is shitty but understandable, that it doesn't make sense for them to pay us to sit around, but knowing the business sense of their decision still does not alter the fact that I am now going to be quite stressed out for the next two weeks, somehow having to make ends meet while not getting paid. My rent is more expensive now and that was okay when I was getting paid by the hotel. It's not so okay when I am not making any money. Hopefully I will get some calls about sex work soon, many of them. So my situation is less stressful than that of my co-workers, me having lived this type of no solid income lifestyle for the past couple years, me still having the option of sex work available to me.

I met up with a bunch of friends from work last night for a frugal evening, given our now questionable finances, meaning that we had planned on hitting up a series of holiday parties, store parties, and open bars. The first stop was the holiday party at the Gay Center. This was from 6 to 8. I met up with Diego there and because of that sort of lost interest in talking to anyone other than him, including my co-workers, who at some point left to go the next stop on the itinerary. I continued to pound back absurdly strong vodka drinks with Diego, me struggling to keep up with him, him the only person I know who consumes more booze than me, probably one of the reasons why I like him so much. We were smashed and some of the last people left at the party and started talking to these two old dudes, mildly creepy, about anal sex.

We all hopped in a cab and went to Eastern Bloc, where I got more drunk and talked to Diego about love, about his current relationship, about our now-ended one, and about how it shouldn't be over. It was silly drunk talk and I wanted him badly last night. Our relationship is weird now. I went out to lunch with him yesterday and then met up for drinks with him when he got done working - it seeming a fair amount of time to spend with someone you have broken up with. At the Gay Center, I think no less than four people told us some variation of what a cute couple we were. I wanted to shut each one of them up, thought it absurd that all these random people kept feeling the need to tell me how cute my boyfriend and I were, this person that is no longer that, and about which I had been talking with him for most of the evening.

At some point, before midnight I think, I could take no more, was ready to pass out, walked home, stopping at the corner deli, overpriced compared to the one that used to be my house in Bushwick, bought a roast beef sandwich, and in my bed, once home, I smoked a joint, ate the sandwich, scarfed it down, and passed out.

Today, I cut my hair.


Tonight's Law and Order is about the murder of a JT Leroy-like character, who is played by my friend Jeremy. I am so excited to watch this. Tonight at 10!

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