Sunday, December 21, 2008

It is open, finally. The hotel opened its doors today to the general public and I worked my first ten hour day of real work, having had shortened days of little work these past few months. I stayed in the hotel last night along with many of my co-workers, us testing out the rooms to make sure there were not major problems and also having a hurrah of sorts to celebrate it finally opening. We were all decadent terrible hotel guests, people smoking pot while hanging out the windows in a non-smoking hotel. Everyone taking long baths, raiding the mini-bar, and ordering porn flicks. There was a staff cocktail party early in the evening. I followed that by a bath and then went out with a bunch of the homos to a gay bar, to the F Word. We got further drunk and came back to the Meatpacking District, going out to Brass Monkey before going back to the hotel. In the lobby, the hot gay co-worker that Zack and I have a crush on told us that he liked our other co-worker and to send him to his room, that he wanted to have sex with him. It was so funny to see all my co-workers so unhinged and so Girls-Gone-Wild at their place of employment. An afterparty formed in my room since I got a big one and it was absurd and eventually was interrupted by security telling me that my neighbors were complaining. I kicked everyone out of my glass bubble with amazing views of the city and passed out in my bed, getting a couple hours of sleep before starting to work today. Nothing worked. Every system and every room seemed to be having major problems and despite there only being a handful of guests was quite nonstop busy. I can't even imagine how hectic that job is going to be when all the rooms are occupied. Oh man, I am so excited, but also so tired, and need to rest for tomorrow, for another ten hour day.

I love you all a lot.

The streets and sidewalks are covered in ice. I awoke this morning in the clouds to see snow blowing all around me, all around this city, my home.

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