Saturday, January 9, 2010

In the Bauhaus show at MoMA, there is this set of tables that nest in each other, one's dimensions slightly smaller than the next. I think there are four total. Each has a different color glass tabletop. The work is by Josef Albers and his fascination with colors and squares is something that for reasons I still am unable to pinpoint years after first seeing an "Homage to the Square" painting make me really happy, strikes a chord in me, something really understated and powerful in the painting series. One of my imaginary projects that I have been envisioning for a while is an Homage to Homage to the Square, detailing my reactions to encountering one of the prints in various art museums I have visited and diaristic impressions of my time in that city and what that painting's particular color choices said to me about my own life at that time. An item on my to-do list now is to find a biography of Albers to read. I found myself excitedly drawn to any object in this show that he was responsible for.

There is the issue of timing and things have converged or enough time has passed, enough casual impressions have been made of Albers, that they are starting to register, that they did in a big way, and I am now want to know everything about this person and their art, to learn more about them.

I was at the museum yesterday with Jacob. And with this person too, things converged, the timing was right in my life, maybe in his, and I find myself in this lovely situation now where I spend every night with this person and cannot get my fill of him. We kissed briefly throughout the museum, the kisses curt and to the point, fleeting, too many people and families nearby. At some point, I pulled him into the single-stall family bathroom and made out with him for a long time, giggled, happy to have escaped the camera-happy tourists everywhere, the crowds, to be with this cute person.

There is more to be said and yet I can't say it, have to get going to meet this person somewhere on the island of Manhattan. I woke up this morning between him and Diego in my bed. I woke up really happy. I have been waking up happy and sleeping good every night for weeks, this boy's presence really making life pretty great right now. I bought some new towels, a coat rack for my door, some candles, some paring knifes, and some magnets - things to make me feel more like I live in a home. I put on a face mask tonight, lit candles, and listened to Fleetwood Mac. I recalled friends and past living situations, namely Cypress Circle. I am feeling really fucking happy and comfortable these days in a similar fashion. I want to get at this, to trace things and show diagrams, to dig and get at things, to hold them close and up to my nose, but time, the theme I started with, is again pushing me one way, out the door and to meet a person.

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