Thursday, January 28, 2010

the state of our union

It was at some point after President Obama had talked about health care. I am not exactly sure at what moment it was that the two of us tuned out, tuned more into each other. We had split a bottle of wine with dinner and were consuming more while watching the State of the Union. We had started to lie in each other's arms to make ourselves more comfortable. That turned into kissing. That turned into Jacob taking his dick out of his underwear. That turned into me sucking his dick. The humor in that we were beginning to have sex on my couch while this address was unfolding several feet from us on my television was not lost on either one of us, slight giggles accompanying the sex early on before the speech and Obama and a room full of people half standing and applauding and half sitting in their seats faded into the background, became less and less on my mind, the only thing for periods that began to stretch longer and longer this sexy boy and our two bodies together and our hunger.

I got my lube and we started to fuck on the couch, Obama's head looking out at us, an American flag behind him. At some moment when my dick slipped out of Jacob, I used the opportunity to get up and get poppers and to turn on the webcam, used the opportunity to push things further, to make the contrast more absurd. High on poppers, drunk on wine, and insanely attracted to this person's body, I gave myself more and more to my appetites. There was a moment when I heard Obama forcefully declare an imminent end to Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I paused and commented on the importance of his saying that during the speech. Some talking heads commented on the proceedings, a Republican governor in Virginia gave a speech, and the same talking heads again came on to discuss the evening. I was vaguely aware of these things. We came. I said, "U-S-A! U-S-A!"

He fell asleep on my couch and I used the opportunity to read more of this Patti Smith book I am reading. Eventually his snoring distracted me enough from reading and my own desire for sleep became stronger that I called his name until he awoke, until he climbed up in to my bed with me. This morning, I left for work, his body still stretched out in my bed. We kissed goodbye. I have been waking up early and going to work for this past month with a nice body still in my bed, Jacob, and I have been in such great moods because of it, smiling as I lock my door behind me, as I walk to the subway, as I take it to work, happy because of this person and his presence in my life.

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