Sunday, July 10, 2011

a backpack waiting to be filled in the other room

The week has been a blur, little sleep, working early 7 am shifts, daydreaming about Europe, and recalling recent sexual experiences, a fit of horniness taking hold. On the 4th of July, Jacob and I went to Riis Beach. There was an incredibly sexy man there who was sunbathing naked near us. He was covered in tattoos and had a ripped stomach. Jacob and I could not quit staring at him, fantasizing about him. We swam and soaked up sun and drank vodka and then in late afternoon decided to head back home. We wanted to make contact with this man first though. We wrote him a note. Or Jacob did under my urging. We gave him the note as we left and introduced ourselves. He, Chad we learned, was incredibly nice and charming and said he wished we had talked earlier in the day, that he had noticed us.

A couple nights later, he came over to hang out. The three of us sat in our kitchen, drinking vodka cocktails for a couple hours and chatting about our lives. It was known that we were going to have sex and I could not wait. He mentioned he had a Prince Albert. I asked to see it. He pulled it out. Soon his dick was in my mouth. Soon it was in Jacob's mouth. It was fucking beautiful and I was so filled with desire, having longed over this boy on the beach a few days ago, admiring how sexy he was for hours. I had been recalling that body imprinted on my mind in anticipation of our planned get-together, so excited that I would get to touch this man, be naked with him. The three of us all got naked in our kitchen and made out and sucked and touched penises, it very sweet and dirty and hungry and sexy.

We moved to our bedroom eventually and fucked in various combinations, again and again. Someone or two people would come and someone or two people would not have and the sex would continue and as it continued those people who already came would get hard again and be ready for more and this kept cycling through these steps all night, all morning long. I haven't had such hungry sex like this in so long, domesticity making things less ravenous, the person there every night, you not trying to get your fill of this thing you desired in one night, unsure if it will happen again.

At some point, we went to sleep. I woke up soon after to be at work at seven and Chad heard me getting ready for work and woke up. We made out and I didn't care about the work I soon had to go to. I put his gorgeous dick in my mouth, licked this man's body, so grateful that I was able to be so close to this human body, to be able to interact with it in this way, that this beautiful man existed and that he was here, there, my couch. I sucked him off until I came and then rushed to get ready for work and ran out the door toward the subway.

That entire day, this entire week, I have been recalling the memories of that evening, replaying scenes from it in my head as I jerk off. I hadn't seen Jacob since that night, the two of us on totally opposite work schedules since, but last night we were both awake and home together at the same time and he started it off with, "Whoa, can we talk about how sexy Chad is?" Something like that. And we did. Both of us talked about how insanely hot that night was, how much we desire this guy, and how we need to see him as soon as we get back.

And I am supposed to be packing for Europe since I leave for there tomorrow and I am going to the beach shortly, but jerking off and recalling these memories, replaying them, inhabiting them yet again, is far more compelling that choosing outfits to bring with me overseas.

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