Monday, February 27, 2012

confidence is singing along like you know the lyrics

I am drinking a glass of beaujolais nouveau right now. That says something about my mood, says what I had wanted to say in very few words about the past few days, about how happy I have been. I am drinking a glass of beaujolais and enjoying it. I was at Warehouse Wine and Spirits this evening, looking at the wines, doing as I often do there, looking for the most dry, earthy wines I could find. That is what I have been drinking the past few months.

But I said that it was time for something different tonight, and picked up a cheap bottle of beaujolais to accompany my dinner tonight. And, yes, it's not serious, yes, there is not much to it and it goes down like water, but water quenches various thirsts and so does this wine.

On Saturday, I got a new mattress, a soft and wonderful thing purchased for much cheaper than its retail price through Jacob's hotel. What a difference a good mattress makes. Despite all the great memories I had on that mattress, innumerable boys slept with, relationships started and ruined on that thing, adventures in group sex had, hookups from Craigslist, Manhunt, and then Grindr had on that bed, including my now boyfriend of two years, I experienced no sadness when I tossed it on the street.

In the middle of the night last evening, some brave or desperate person, picked up the mattress. This morning, I woke up and it was gone, only pink pieces of old bed frame remaining.

Jacob and I broke in the bed after setting it up, have had sex a couple times on it, which certainly has a bit to do with my good mood today, as does a great night's sleep despite being drunk and sleeping less than most reccomended lengths of time. I have a new job, a new mattress, and am drinking a cheap, fruity wine, and I could not be happier. I played Beyonce's "Love on Top" during a slow moment at work today for some of my co-workers and it has carried me through for hours, perked me up. I sing the lyrics, the few ones I know, but mainly hum along with the rhythm.

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