Wednesday, August 22, 2012

an office party, an open bar, a hangover

We rode in a taxi together to his apartment. He talked about wanting to buy property next year with his boyfriend. He asked the taxi driver if we could smoke in the cab. The taxi driver said no. The hallways of his building looked like they either had just been or were about to be painted. I was very drunk, had just been at a work party with an open bar that lasted several hours. I had gone out for drinks beforehand with some co-workers.

I sang an amazing version of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" with Dwayne. There was karaoke happening. I had never been so into the song. Every little bit of confusion and heartbreak and glee and joy of my recent life all were poured into that performance. I got a lot of compliments. At some point in the night, I snuck down the backstairs of the bar to escape this one co-worker who had become very drunk and forward, basically telling me we were going home together. Out in front of the bar, I smoked a cigarette, nervously looking to see if this one kid was going to come out to find me, and I talked with all the other smokers. We all decided to XES, which was only a couple blocks away, to keep partying. 

In the backyard there, this one co-worker, very cute, asked me if I wanted to come back to his house and have a threesome with him and his boyfriend. He told me his boyfriend had a big dick, was really hot, and could fuck the both of us. 

Again, I snuck out of a bar that evening, trying to escape the notice of all my other co-workers still there. We rode in that taxi in which we could not smoke. We went to his house. His boyfriend was indeed very sexy. I stripped down to my underwear and starting making out with the boyfriend in their bed. Soon his dick, which was accurately described as big earlier, was in my mouth. He fucked my co-worker. He fucked me. He came on both of our faces. The co-worker fed me his boyfriend's come on his fingers. It was all incredibly sexy and fun. It also was a blur. We sniffed a lot of poppers. I had had countless drinks beforehand. The boyfriend went to clean up and the co-worker and I continued to fuck around with each other. At some point, the boyfriend made it clear he wanted the two of us to end our antics. I got dressed. I left.

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