Tuesday, February 11, 2003

st. augustine vs. my alarm clock

The alarm clock won, the motherfucking thing. I was actually really excited about Medieval Phil. today because we were going to be talking about Augustine's Confessions, which I am smitten with right now, and what happens? My stupid bobo motherfucking alarm clock did not go off at eight am like it was set for, did not go off at all.

And now added to my TO BUY list from Wal-Mart is a non-electric alarm clock, one of those tiny battery-operated ones, so incidents like these can be minimized in the future. I hate this feeling of disappointment and self-loathing that you get when you unintenionally miss a class.

I've got to get it down. And I'm scratching things off my to-do list lately because I am getting it down, because I think some people are dumb, because I am mastubating more frequently, and because I love donuts, Taco Bell, Wal-Marts, chains in general, and this land.

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