Thursday, February 6, 2003

to do list

And I am adjusting, get into the flow of things, and a couple of hours ago, after spending time at the cheap movie theater napping duringRabbit Proof Fence with Sarah and Bonnie, and too cool Steve somewhere at his little cashier booth, and yeah tomorrow I have a 10:30 class that I thought I had on Friday and have as yet to do the reading for, because of this erroneous assumption. And to do list:

-Write out a schedule, so these instances of confusion can be prevented in the future.

-Tackle making movie of Ben Haber obsession, because it would be so funny.

-Take bike to bike shop tomorrow to get it fixed.

-Pay CC bill.

-Play tennis, maybe work out, jog.

-And read read read for class

-Apply to Hunter ASAP, apply for internships this summer.

-Research what cities are along the Mississippi and investigate what job options are available in any of these cities.

-Get contract signed on Friday.

-Get real. Yeah.

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