Thursday, April 10, 2003

today in a particular order:

Losing tennis to Ben, failing to wake up Beki, rocking out to Violent Femmes, masturbation, pasta, and in ten minutes, working until midnight, until the end of today, getting off at the start of tomorrow.

But God, something is lacking from that sequencing. I want to tell you about the birds and the squirrels that hang outside my bathroom window, in my neighbor's yard, my neighbor with four birdfeeders. Watching them do their living thing while I do my shower thing. It is a great scene to start any day, especially a good day. There is a strong wind today, stirring things around, screens, litter, other things, stirring up my senses, and I am looking forward to the airy prospects that my walk to work in a short few minutes will present me. When I was mastubating this afternoon, through the slits of my blinds over my bed, all I could see was bright blue and bright green, the sky and the leaves of the tree next to my window, and the colors were bright and I was happy. The Femmes were playing and that made me even happier.

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