Tuesday, November 21, 2006


1. For those of you who read Dennis Cooper's blog, you may have noticed that it has been hijacked and you are redirected to some porn site. The new address is:

2. Go to the iTunes store, search for Bookworm podcasts and download last week's (it's free) with Zadie Smith. Her and Michael Silverblatt ,with On Beauty as a jumping point, talk about so many things in such a wonderful way, spening a good amount of time talking about what it means to read. It is a lovely, inspiring talk. Silverblatt is such a perceptive reader and it is really a joy to listen to any of these podcasts, but particularly this one.

3. YouTube and video cameras on phones and digital cameras, man. Every gaffe will find their way to the Internet within days from now on. I think about what this means and get no closer to an answer. But two things that sparked this are the Michael Richards racist tirade and the UCLA student getting tasered by cops in the library.

And on and on, because all I do lately is play on the Internet while at one job and listen to things downloaded from the Internet at my second job. I have started reading Dave Eggers' What is the What and I am so excited. I am supposedly leaving for work in five minutes, but the fact that I have still yet to get dressed and am playing on the Interent (again) perhaps points to the fact that I am more than likely going to be a bit late. Tomorrow evening, I go to New Jersey for several days and I am actually quite excited about that.

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