Saturday, May 19, 2007

ft. myers and back

Florida was lovely in so many ways. There was the afternoon rain, brief, always brief. Lots of food. Publix subs. Crabcakes. Burgers. Lots of beer. Car rides here, then there. Sunshine so overwhelming sunglasses were essential. Thrift stores with amazing old Florida lady shirts. My family. Getting stoned with high schoolers who were playing beer pong, going on a beer run for them stoned right before the two am cutoff. Lying on the beach, getting burnt. All of this, all so lovely in very particular ways, and still though through the drizzling rain underneath a gray sky, looking at it from a cramped bus riding back from Newark, the skyline of New York evoked so many feelings of homecoming, joy, and nostalgia in myself, a happiness that I was so close, that those tall buildings were where I was heading, home.

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