Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The man taking blood from my arm today talked about the weather, how amazing it was, and he was the second person today to comment to me about how lovely the weather was and to do so in a totally non-just-for-the-sake-of-conversation manner. Both seemed totally moved by how nice a day it was. Though this man was obviously a bit distracted, perhaps by the weather, and soon afterward starting making weird pleasurable noises when discussing how nice my veins were, and then told me he had stuck the needle in to far and that's why blood wasn't coming out. There was a time when his jocular manner about making a mistake concerning a needle in my arm would have terrified me, but I shrugged it off and laughed with him.

I am taking things as they come, saying yes.

Last night, I went to this book reading with Bruce and it was interesting to hear all these different voices, especially John Weir, who read "Neorealism at the Infiniplex," which was a beautiful story and affected me very much so, so much so that I went to Barnes and Noble's today to sit there and read the thing, re-experience it. I met some really nice editors and writers and got more than a little tipsy off the vodka being served. Afterward, I walked with Bruce back over to the East Village and parted ways with him so I could go to Eastern Bloc. A block after parting from Bruce, before even making it to the bar, I said hello to this man that was crusing me outrageously. Two, maybe three, sentences were exchanged and we were in a cab going to his place. Taking things as they come, saying yes.

I am going to see him again tonight and it will be dirty and fun and new and pure.

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