Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am so in love with New York and my life these days, outrageously so. The past couple of weeks have been so good, so filled with fun and easily made money and nice times with close friends and recently met people. Today, I saw a man who paid me three hundred dollars just to go out to dinner with him. Sex was going to happen and I was going to get paid even more but all the hotels were booked. Um, three hundred dollars for my company at dinner! I love New York and my life and these opportunities. Last night, I met some man that wanted to throw money at me also. And, man, oh man, oh man. There is that and it is nice and makes me not have to fret about bills, rent, and what I should do about my lack of a job.

After dinner with this man, I then went to a fancy hotel's pool with friends and got drunk and played in the water and then walked around Times Square in my towel and showed my penis to a couple of groups of tourists who took pictures of us. And I am waking up in two and a half hours to fly to Florida to visit my family for a couple of days and there is so much more to say (isn't there always?), but my desire to not be totally cracked out of my mind and busted looking tomorrow when I meet my family is going to prevent me from exploring things any further. All I will say is that I love this town and how there is so much fun for the having.

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