Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This boy, Alex, twenty years old and with a big smile, came over to my house this morning. We kissed, undressed, and made my way to my bed. We fooled around for a while, it being more playful than it has been for me in a long time. The playfulness may have been because he was young or because this was daytime sex, sober, the house to ourselves, Mary J. Blige playing in the background, sun coming in through the curtains. This sense of play brought us into my shower. We soaped each other's bodies, kissed, sucked dicks, kissed some more. The sunlight was coming through my fogged bathroom window, filling each of the little water droplets on his face, around his lips, with light. He was glowing. We dried off, went back into my bed. He wanted me to fuck him. I started to and there was the cry for more lube. Fiddling with the bottle of lube, I lost my boner. I pulled off the condom and he seemed disappointed. I lay next to him and we introduced ourselves. We did what normally precedes sex, introductions, talking about our lives, what we do, the usual. It was really sweet, really tender, lying next to each other naked, carressing each other, looking into brown eyes, and talking about life. We played some games, me being an airplane on top of his outstretched arms, silly things that made me laugh a lot, smile ear to ear. We exchanged massages and started rubbing boners against skin. I sucked his dick a lot, enjoying the dirty smile that crossed his face right before I would place it in my mouth, as he held it there for me to suck. We both jerked off on to my stomach. We hung out for a bit, smiling. He left. I looked at the clock, seeing that three hours had passed, my daytime had, and for the first time in several days, I did not feel like I had wasted my day, felt really good about how I had spent my time.

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