Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The air is heavy, weighs me down, and I fight against it, go here and there, and it makes me sticky, sweaty, exhausted from the heat. This brief spell of high temperatures has me alternately dreading and excited about late summer, and makes me imagine what being in Mexico for July will be like.

I went to Riis beach today, went there on a bike ride with Niki and Ethan, and I have a new favorite beach now. I went to Asbury Park over the weekend with Ben and that beach was disappointing, not what I had wanted. There, we sat next to people who had a discussion about whether it would be worse to be Jewish or to be black. Yeah. Riis Beach, however, is amazing, is mostly black, and totally flamboyantly gay. There were a few naked people all the way at the edge. There were lots of speedos, a few thongs, and some really trashy lace-up bathing suits. I love seeing guys in slutty bathing suits. You don't see it too often. At Asbury Park and Fire Island, the bathing suits are tasteful - tight-fitting and gay, yes, but not trashy. Riis Beach, again, is amazing! It's a really crowded section also. Someone did a giant sand sculpture of two dudes and their hard dicks. I love that you can take the NYC public transportation system and be at this place. I am planning on going all the time this summer.

From there, I went to Collective Unconscious for Ethan's belated surprise bday party. There, I met this guy, Carlo, made out with him. We found the downstairs of the space, found it totally empty, and went at it in the bathroom down there. I sucked his dick while jerking myself off, came, exchanged numbers.

The heat, the heat.

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