Saturday, September 6, 2008

rain drops

Last night, I saw an excellent production of Hair in Central Park. It was such a joy to watch and thoughts about musicals were in my head as I had seen Legally Blonde earlier in the week, which is so different from Hair, and yet both were really excellent musicals. I knew that I was going to like Hair, have been trying to see it for weeks now, and so finally getting to see it entailed a joy aside even from the play itself, and then that joy coupled with the joy of watching the show made the thing immensely enjoyable. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Legally Blonde, thinking that it might be silly in a bad way, but it is silly in a great way. It has very blatant advertising in the play, mentions of JetBlue, of UPS, of Allstate, and of Red Bull, and that is very distressing, sad that this cash cow needs even more streams of income and inserted all these ads into the musical. The blurring of advertising and content just seems to be on this neverending downward spiral, where apparently nothing is sacred, exempt. It is too bad because the musical is really quite excellent, with some fantastic songs, a really great pace, and a message that I like a lot. There are some awkward un-p.c. jokes in the play also, but really despite these things, and they sound quite large I guess, the musical is so good.

My brain still feels like it has holes in it. I cannot wait to get off this medication and feel totally present. I talked to someone at a bar last night about PEP treatment and they told me that when their friend was on it, he slept twelve hours a day and was always tired. That made me feel much better and made me feel less crazy, that, yes, there were actual mental side effects to this medication.

Imagine how much more my enjoyment may have been of these two musicals! Certainly my ability to convey my joy, to trace its sources, would be so much greater!

The remnants of a tropical storm have been passing over New York all day, heavy rain, dark skies, and wind. I went out in it to see a guy, fucked him, and thought about the storm outside while I was doing it, felt somehow connected to it, that this moment, really great and intense, was some result of the storm also.

There is coffee, there are books, and I am watching Robert Rodriguez movies in this storm.

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