Thursday, October 30, 2008

It was right before lunch that Michael, a co-worker that I have a flirtation with, asked me how my life was going, whether I was liking the job. I told him that I loved it, that the job was going good, that it was the only part of my life that was. Things would change after lunch and I am convinced that I somehow jinxed myself by being so positive about this job.

During lunch they announced the three people that were going to go out to LA for a week or two to train at their hotel there, an assignment I wanted a lot and which I thought I would get. I didn't and was a bit surprised about that, knowing how much the managers liked me and how much better I was doing at picking up all these various computer systems and other things we have been taught over these past few weeks. After lunch, I got called into a meeting with a couple of managers and I was a little nervous about it, it seeming quite ominous and me thinking it was either going to be good news or bad news, either getting some sort of promotion or getting fired. I really didn't know what it could be. They told me that they did a credit check on me. I have a terrible credit and I know this. They said it was because of my credit history that they didn't send me to LA and furthermore that because of my credit history I was a liability at the front desk, could not work in that position. They apologized, saying it was company policy, that they liked me a lot and were really happy to have me working there. Instead of working at the front desk, which I was really excited about, I am going to be working in rapid response, which deals with all sorts of problems and handles impossible requests that guests may have, such as finding a guitar in the middle of the night. It pays the same amount, still a lot, but it is certainly more work and certainly less glamorous. And it may potentially pay more as I would be more prone to get tips in this position and some fun people are also working this job.

However, it still sucks to be told such a thing, to be pulled off a job you like, to be told you are not going to LA solely because of your bad credit - all of this is quite embarrassing. And it is not just the free vacation that I am missing out on, but it is most likely a higher position and more money that I am missing out on, as they said that the people that were going to LA were going to be people they wanted for management later on down the line.

This news was a giant punch in the gut, especially since I really loved my job in a way I haven't in many years, especially since it was the one area of my life that seemed to be going fantastically. I still have a job at least, still a well paying job that will still be crazy and fun, but the news definitely brings me down. Also consolation is that when I told Michael this, he confessed that before he was hired he had had to explain his bad credit history to the head boss, which would have been ever scarier.

I hung out with Diego this afternoon so we could assemble our Halloween costumes. While he was getting ready to sew my outfit together, I started to hug him, started to kiss him. He tried to say it was a bad idea, but soon gave up the attempt, starting kissing also, and we hopped into his bed, ripping off clothes, having amazingly hot sex. I didn't want it to end. It did. After orgasm, I knew he had been right, that it was a bad idea. It felt good then, but now doesn't feel so great. I feel like I have lost.

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