Thursday, February 5, 2009

And Mexico wins. It was what my brain wanted to do when my fingers were most ready to hit buy and that is the reason. Brazil was my number one choice but sadly airfare to there is so expensive. A European holiday was considered to either Barcelona or Rome, both having fairly cheap airfares, but neither having warm lying-in-the-sun weather yet, and both still surely having European prices for food and rooms as opposed to Latin American prices for food and rooms. Miami was seriously in the running because I had someone trying to convince me to go there with him and we could have split an already cheap hotel room at a fancy hotel. And then I spent a long time looking at apartments for rent on Craigslist, wondering if this vacation was not the best usage of money for someone hoping to move into a new apartment. But then I said fuck it, saw the cheap airfares to Guadalajara, and hit purchase. So five minutes after midnight on the first day of March, I will be flying south of the border for nine days, definitely taking a sidetrip to the beach for part of that time, probably Puerto Vallarta, and I am so excited to be somewhere warm and somewhere other than New York and some place where I can where different clothes, hear a different language, and eat yummy food. So fucking excited!

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