Monday, February 2, 2009

I am getting a decent-sized tax return, am making a nice amount of money now, and am also feeling stir crazy. I am pretty certain I am going to take the first or second week of March of and go somewhere, preferably warm and Spanish-speaking. There is that option, but what is dissuading me is how I tell myself that I should save that money and use it to put toward an apartment, me also being eager to move into a place of my own, some place more like a home. Assuming I don't do the more adult option, because it is unlikely I would start doing so now, where should I go to? Most places in South America are quite pricey to fly to, more so than lots of European destinations. I am thinking of doing a trip to Guadalarja and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, which would be the cheapest and probably gayest of my options. But since I have already been to Mexcio, it seems as if I should go to some country I have never been to before, despite my love of Mexico and despite how I haven't been to either of those cities. Another option is Lima, but there's not a beach and it's not that warm - however cheap flights and mountains a new country all sound like reasons why I should go there instead of Mexico. Another option is Barcelona, which also has some reasonable airfares on this evening when I am suffering from wanderlust and looking up all these destinations on Kayak. Any further suggestions would also be appreciated.

I am stoned and in bed. I watched the Super Bowl at some old gay man's house in the East Village with a couple of friends. It was really pleasant to stuff my face with fatty food, watch football, drink beer, and hang out with nice people. Last night, the Waste Land performance I was in went off surprisingly well. I emailed my crush from the performance today and we exchanged numbers. The weather was mild today, near fifty, and it made me so ready for spring, for summer, so done with winter.

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