Friday, February 20, 2009

I had a lot of dreams last night, one of which I am just now loosely remembering after seeing a fish on television. I was on some beach somewhere with two other people and we were under the instruction/guidance of some woman for some purpose. There were whales, seals, and big tuna-like fishes stacked on the shore - clearly some fisherman's haul. This woman told us that it looked ugly and was stinking up the beach and we needed to get rid of it. We pushed all these dead sea creatures back out to sea reluctantly, me knowing that they were someone's catch. Some Inuit looking fellow came afterwards and starting yelling at us and while the woman and the Inuit guy were talking, I told the other two people how stupid that was, how we had ruined that man's work and livelihood.

What this dream means, I don't have the slightest clue. What another dream means, a friend telling me they missed me, is quite a bit easier to deduce the meaning of.

At Eastern Bloc last night, I hung out with Micah, this boy that I have hung out with a couple of times and who I have a gigantic crush on in a way I haven't had on a person in a really long time. He spent the night at my house a couple nights ago and we didn't even kiss, didn't touch anywhere below the waist. It was a really cute affectionate sleepover. He doesn't drink alcohol or caffeine and does not smoke weed. He is also kind of asexual it seems. And yet despite how these things fuel my life - sex, caffeine, booze, weed - and despite how we have these big lifestyle differences, I am so into this boy. We kissed for the first time last night outside of Eastern Bloc as we parted ways. I walked home giddy and dreamed of pushing deal marine life back into the ocean.

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